You could win a Jackson Kayak Villain!

This could be you – in your Jackson Villain

Small World Adventures is teaming up with Jackson Kayak to give away a brand new Villain (or Villain S) to a lucky SWA fan this October 1st!

Win a shiny new Villain like this one (thanks Vanna, I mean Curtis)

If you haven’t entered our summer giveaway it’s not too late, but hurry!
Go to our website at and enter to win a Jackson Villain of your own or a week long paddling trip in Ecuador!

Great for hucking water falls…

I was lucky enough this summer to have BOTH the Villain and the Super Hero on the roof. I got to paddle them both on rivers and creeks from Colorado to California to Idaho and BC. It was fun switching out every other day on runs like the South Yuba and North Fork Payette at high water. The verdict? Both boats rock.
(photo by Henry Munter)

running big rivers

The Super Hero is a tad lighter to carry and quicker to maneuver – a bit of a plus on tighter creeks. But it also accelerates quickly and holds it’s speed well on big water runs like the N Fork Payette at 4000 cfs. If I lived in an area where I was mostly doing pool-drop creeks, the Super Hero would be my choice, and I still would jump at the chance to take it on big water runs.

and tiny creeks,

The Jackson Villain is a bit bigger, still really maneuverable, and faster in big whitewater. It’s a bit better platform for overnight trips, and still plenty nimble for technical creeking. It’s not as much fun as the Super Hero for play, but if the #%&*#! is going off, you’re going to be stoked to be in the dependable Villain. It does maintain speed and crash through consecutive breaking waves better that the Super Hero does. If I were planning to paddle bigger rivers and pushier water more often, I’d choose the Villain.

this Villain’s got your back.

If I had my way, I’d keep both of the boats on my roof – a creek boat quiver of two! But either one works great as a stand alone creek boat.

Luckily, we have both Villains and Super Heros in our fleet in Ecuador, so if you can’t decide, you can come down and paddle them both!

Good luck to everyone entered in the contest. And don’t worry, just because summer is ending and our contest is coming to a close, doesn’t mean paddling is over for the season – you can still come join us in Ecuador this winter!
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