Win a Werner Paddle on September 15th!

The entire SWA Team uses Werner paddles and we think you should too!
 Don and Darcy dashing down bountiful boulder gardens.  Werners are good for “couples boofing” down the Papallacta
That’s why we are giving one out on September 15th!
We’ve found them to be the lightest, most durable paddles on the market and have been happily guiding with Werner paddles and playing with Werner paddles for decades now!

Werner Paddles are handcrafted in the USA, which is also a big plus.
 Werner says, “We produce the lightest, strongest paddles available.  We design every aspect to work together to increase power and reduce fatigue.” 
SWA guides have tested these paddles heavily both in Ecuador and all over the world and we couldn’t agree more!
Enjoy some photos of the SWA staff using their Werner’s in Ecuador:

 Larry loving how the Werner blade grabs the water to help pull him through the crux of “Wafflera” on the Hollin River
 Don discovers that Werners are good for bracing…

 And for boofing!
 Greg grateful for the power of his Shogun on a high water run down the Lower Cosanga
 Tarquino titillated by the ease in transition between draw and forward stroke on one of his favorite home runs–the Lower Jondachi/Hollin combo
 Liam laughingly faces the power of Gringos Reveultos at lavishly high water levels because he knows his Werner will carry him through the humongous hydraulic

Guy gracefully grabs water with his Werner to carry him over the hole in Disco-Tech on the Piatua

 Darcy Dumb Dumb for covering up her Werner logo.  But hey, at least it was a cool sticker to cover it up with!
And, don’t worry, just because you paddle with a Werner does NOT mean you must use alliteration…that’s just what happens when I drink too much coffee while blogging!
For your chance to win a Werner paddle, visit Small World Adventures to enter.  You’ll need to read our homepage to get the answers to 4 easy questions, then click the “win” link, answer the questions, hit submit and you are good to go! 

We’ll draw the winner on September 15th.

Good luck!

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