Torrents Trip, kayaking Ecuador in January–Class IV

January is an awesome month to come kayaking in Ecuador. Most rivers are frozen in North America and Europe, and in the middle of winter, most people can use a little respite from the cold! Here’s a short video of our Torrents trip 3 weeks ago–enjoy!

Trent, from Steamboat, CO enjoying shorty weather on the Piatua River.

Karl, saying “hell yeah! All my friends are freezing their asses off in Denver, and I’m in this sweet basalt canyon here in Ecuador.”
There are many columnar basalt canyons along the Quijos River that were formed from the rapid cooling of lava flows. The variations in cooling rates and cooling vents (causing some of the columns to be vertical and others to be horizontal) provide some awesome scenery for us kayakers!

Craig from Reno boofing down the clear waters of the Piatua.

Don Beveridge enjoying a little high water on the Lower Quijos. He’s found himself a nice little perch from which to video the action!

Parting shot:

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

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