Top 10 Reasons We Love Ecuador–#10

So after spending the last 3 months paddling in California, Don and I have come up with our “Top 10 Reasons we love Ecuador” list. We had a lot of time to think during shuttles and such, and we both realized that we missed Ecuador a lot.

Calfornia was awesome, to be sure, but it did make us realize just how spoiled we are down in Ecuador.

Since we are back at work now, and I only get about 5 minute breaks at a time, I’m going to have to do 1 reason per blog…

So, here you are:

REASON #10 that we love Ecuador

The longest hike to the put in is the Lower Jondachi; and, while mud covered, it only takes 30 minutes! None of this 13 hour crap!

This is the nice, pleasant hike into the Jondachi

This is the not so pleasant 13 mile hike into the Middle Kings. Boy was I missing the mud at this point.

And when you get to the Jondachi, you are rewarded with great scenery

and great rapids

If you want to read about Don and my travels in California, check out my new blog. I’m in the process of updating it with the runs we did this summer

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