Too Busy Kayaking, No Time for Blogging!

Tarquino enjoying typical scenery on his home river, the Upper Misahualli.  This photo was taken December 31st.  Not a bad way to end 2012
We’ve been so busy kayaking in Ecuador that we haven’t had anytime to blog about kayaking in Ecuador.  I’m averaging 29-30 days paddling per month since November, I think Don has everyday under his belt since Christmas Day and Guy, Larry, Tarquino, Liam and Greg are well on their way to personal records as well.  And all this paddling has meant not so much time to sit in front of the computer.  Oh well, there are worse things in life I suppose! 

Alex showing the crew how it’s done on “Da Boof” Christmas Day
This blog is more of a photo dump than anything else and I’ll tell the story through the captions.  These photos are all from Christmas week and New Year’s week.  I love paddling the last day of the year and the 1st day of the year–good way to end things and begin things!   
At any rate, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Madison boofing her way down “Breakfast in Bed” on the Piatua River. While all her friends were spending New Year’s day hung over and skiing in Salt Lake City, Maddi was getting “freshies” of her own on the Piatua

Ian, who is an excellent photographer (unlike us) takes a moment to be the subject on the Oyacachi

Fresh Granadilla fruits after paddling.  Even though they look like “snot fruit” they are very delicious!

Pat of SLC enjoying some warm water paddling on the Upper Mis.  I’m not sure if Pat loved the paddling in Ecuador more or the night out on New Year’s Eve wearing some awesome masks he picked up in town and dancing in the town square with the locals.

Craziest bug I’ve ever seen!  I thought it was some weird fungus until it starting walking down this plant stock.  You never know what you will find in the Amazon!

 The Brother’s Beveridge (well at least one of them) boofing da crap outta “da boof.”  The Oyacachi was a whole different animal 1 week later when both Beveridges, Griff, and I went back and this boof rock was making a massive wave.  That’s why I love Ecuador, things change so much day to day, week to week, hour to hour, that it’s always interesting!
 Tim finishing a stout rapid on the Oyacachi as the rest of the crew looks on.  At least there is a pool below this one!

 Tarquino, SWA’s star guide, and Rodrigo, SWA’s star shuttle driver, having a chat on the bridge as the boaters get ready to go

 Kerrie nails a great boof on the Piatua.  She rocked the Jackson Zen all week and damn did she make that boat look good!   She was cool, calm and collected all week until it came time to cross the Piatua bridge.  Being a structural engineer, she was not thrilled with the state of the bridge we were crossing…but we made it!
 Scott, brother of Kerrie, bobsledding it on the Upper Mis.  This bro/sis combo was a great kayaking pair.  Both solid boaters hailing from Florida of all places!

 Our wonderful lodge staff–Lauro, Liliana, Jhimena.  Love these guys, couldn’t do it without them!

 Madison, Brad and Pat playing with some kids.   The kids gave us some great jungle fruit in exchange for the rides on the kayaks

 Brad boof baby boof.  Brad was hard to photograph since his boat blended in with the water so well, but HA!  We got you here Brad.

 “Widows” aka men dressing up like women and dancing in the streets to raise money for their New Year’s party.  Memo was giving this girl (I mean guy) a hard time for just asking for money without dancing, so he ended up doing a nice butt grind on the side of the van.  Oh baby!  New Year’s in Ecuador!

 Josaphine going for the gold!  Sometimes a slightly botched move ends up looking pretty damn spectacular.  Nice move J!

 Kids messing around at the put in

Jared, showing us how it’s done

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