This is Our Most Excellent Lodge

Small World Adventures has been operating kayaking trips in Ecuador for 12 years now. Larry Vermeeren first discovered the whitewater of Ecuador on his way home from Chile. On the advice of a non-kayaking friend who thought the rivers of Ecuador may have some potential, Larry stopped over for an exploratory trip. He liked what he found and decided this was one kick-ass kayaking destination. So he invited down some friends, then some clients, and soon, there he was, a business man. Things weren’t so easy and plush at first…There was one hotel to choose from near the largest concentration of good whitewater, and it wasn’t really anything to write home about. This made Larry think about buying property and making a lodge worthy of writing home about. So about 6 years ago, he masterminded Cabanas Tres Rios, and I sure am glad I didn’t start working for Small World until they had the lodge finished!
Now when kayakers come to Ecuador they get their own private room, with a private bathroom, 24 hour access to a beer, soda, and juice frig, home cooked meals, hammocks on the front porch complete with multi-colored hummingbirds, and even a massage therapist on scene just in case anyone gets sore.

Today, Small World still mainly specializes in their kayaking trips, but also offers rafting trips, hiking/exploration trips, and even surf-kayaking at the ocean. We pretty much have something for everyone, so don’t be shy if you are not a kayaker.
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