The Small World gang trying to stay warm in the CA spring

 Don aspiring to style his line at No-Looky Falls


Even though the goal of all kayakers is to style their lines, stomp their boofs, and stay upright, the reality is that we all make mistakes.  Even the best kayakers will be off line sometimes.  Unfortunately, making mistakes often means being upside down and that often means relying on your helmet to save your precious noggin.
So, knowing that at some point sooner or later, you’ll need to rely on that shell protecting your head, why settle for anything besides the best? 
 Bill Beveridge keeping his Sweet Helmet high and dry

The Small World gang is here to tell you that Sweet helmets are schweeeeet!  We know we wouldn’t paddle in anything else. 
On June 15th we are going to get one of you lucky paddlers into a Sweet Wanderer Helmet.  The Wanderer is an extremely dependable all-round helmet. The small beak keeps water and sun from your eyes and offers great protection.  And, with your choice of Bird Blue or Bright Red, you can look good while protecting yourself!

 Darcy staying warm in 39 degree weather at the take out with her Sweet Savior fleece and beanie.  She definitely need something warm and fuzzy while waiting for Don to return from his motorcycle shuttle mission
Our 2nd winner on June 15th will get a pair of Motion Mamba Pogies from NRS and a 1-year subscription to Kayak Session Magazine.  The Motion Mambas are super lightweight and great for cold days.
 Darcy stoked to have the pogies on to combat this crazy California weather.  Cold, rain, clouds, and more cold
People often complain about the extra weight pogies add to their paddle making it feel cumbersome and awkward, but with the MM’s you’ll hardly even notice they are there.  A fleece-lined super thin material makes these pogies a warm but ultra-light option for keeping your hands happy in adverse conditions. 
I’ve been loving mine in the extremely unusal California spring weather we’ve been having.  45 and still raining, no problem, let’s go paddling!

Yeah, you’d be kind of pissed too if you were about to go paddling in the snow!
And, if the weather is sooooo crappy that even Motion Mamba pogies don’t make you want to go face nature, you can sit at home and read the newest issue of Kayak Session Magazine.  I hear there is an awesome article about Ecuador in it!

 some photos need no captions
So, get your entries in before June 15th for these great prizes.  Go to
Read through our homepage a bit as we’ll ask you questions on it in order to sign up, scroll to the bottom, click “win” and fill in the entry form.
Good luck to everyone!
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