The Grand Canyon was Great!

It was a great two weeks in August – SWA’s 2008 Grand canyon trip. We had 10 kayaks, 4 rafts and 1 dory. The kayakers did an especially good job, they paddled every bit of the Colorado (well a few of them did swim a little bit of it, but it’s all the same). The highlights were big water, 12,000 – 19,000 cfs and it was blue until the Little Colorado, and of course hiking, camping and sleeping for two weeks in this incredible place. Below are a few of the memories

Dates for SWA’s 2009 trip are August 9 – 22. We plan on making it a kayak/dory trip with only 16 people. Contact us for the details and sign up soon to be sure to get your spot.
Don’t you hate it when a raft gets the best surf!

The hiking makes the trip

Larry in his favorite spot, the middle of Granite rapid

You gotta love the beach building flows

Don showing why a playboat is fun in the Canyon

Cooling down at Travertine Falls

Yes, the Colorado is BIG!

(Thanks to Andrew Quinn for the great photos!)
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