The First (and by default) Best Trip of the Season!

Well, our first trip(s) of the year was a great success! We owe it mostly to the very charming personailities of our 6 guests who kept us laughing the whole week. But the top quality paddling probably had something to do with it as well. So, you may be wondering, what exactly made this trip so great? How about 7 outstanding days of kayaking, explosions (both on and off the river), monkeys, turtles, lizards, giant rodents, fireworks, tequila and much much more. Interested? Read on. Here Mr. Jeeeesse Becker is demonstrating a proper boof stroke on the Rio Jondachi
Larry is so damn excited to be back in Ecuador that he just can’t contain himself
This is the Volcan Renventador (“The Exploder”) which was living up to it’s name this week. We even had the treat of a clear night where we were able to watch the glowing lava bubbling out of the top. Don’t worry, we’re upstream of the flow path, and it’s calmed down now (the “experts” say it’s just normal activity, and there is nothing to fret about–believe us, we looked into it)! The boys were just lucky enough to start out their week with this hot magma explosion!
Hilary and Ken set off for the Grand Canyon of the Quijos River

Chris setting the line on the Rio Oyacachi. The crystal clear waters, continuous boulder gardens, and abundance of Torrent Ducks make this a world class run.
Ecuador has the greatest bridges!

J-$ getting his boof on–Rio Oyacachi. My that’s a nice paddle you’ve got.

Boater Cross anyone? I think Jesse prevailed in the end.

Everyone agreed that the lodge was a fine place to unwind (or to wind up by drinking 2 bottles of Tequila) after a day of boating. It doesn’t get much more tranquil than this. With literally “front door” access to over 30 miles of river, Cabanas Tres Rios truly is a boaters’ paradise.
Hector found a little friend here at our lodge.

Then, the crew went to Tena…and there were turtles…

And there were monkeys…

And bars…

And boofs…
but, perhaps best of all, there were more explosions. Not volcanic this time, more like fireworks if you will. Some were provided for the fiestas of Tena, and others by the German nation in a collaborative effort to make the town of Tena a more festive and hospitable tourist destination.

No, he’s not German, but he is damn sexy.

Anyhow, back to the kayaking because that’s what we all came here for, right? Meet Tim–AKA Count Tequila, AKA Rapid Slayer of the Misahualli.
And Mr. Vladamir himself boofing his way down the Upper Misahualli
Typical scenery on the Rio Jondachi

More typical scenery on the Jondachi. Not that you have a ton of time to soak in the sights. Afterall, the Jondachi does boast over 80 rapids in only 10 kilometers, so it keeps us kayakers rather busy. This is just a rare, tranquil moment.

Larry is either teaching Ken how to do the Vouge, or explaining a rapid. We still aren’t sure which.

We finished the week off with a run down the Cheesehouse section of the Rio Quijos. Nice scenery and nice rapids combined to make this one of the favorites of the week.

One more Quijos shot

Once again, thanks to Ken, Jesse, Tim, Jason, Kyle, and Stuwart for starting our season off with a bang!

And, in case you haven’t already, meet the Small World crew (from the left: Hilary, Larry, Darcy, Chris and Don)…there’s just no excuse for us. And there’s just no excuse for you not to join us for some world class paddling in Ecuador this winter.

You’ll love it. Just ask last week’s crew!

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