Philip RobinsonGuide

Philip is Ecuadorian/English and was raised in Quito, Ecuador. Now he lives in Tena because he wanted to be closer to the best rivers in Ecuador. He started kayaking 7 years ago, his love for the river was immediate, and from that moment he has dedicated his life to paddling. He got involved in the river first as a raft guide and Philip has this to say about his transition to kayaking, “I was very happy in my raft, but I saw the kayakers and they seemed much happier than me, and I wanted to be happier, so I had to learn to kayak.” Philip quickly discovered his passion for sharing this sport and bringing more people to the river in a safe and fun way. The river has enabled Philip to travel to different parts of the world working as a guide and kayaker, learning and sharing with other river professionals. Today, one of his main motivations is to involve and teach the native communities around Tena, providing new opportunities of development and sustainability, as well as ways of leading a healthy and happy life as the river offers us. Philip’s parting words, “In the river I found my greatest teacher, he taught me to always flow and choose a good path.”

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