Jair RoblesGuide

: Tena, Ecuador

Jair Robles was born and raised in Tena. He joined the SWA guide team in 2019 and brings a great youthful energy to our program. Jair has spent his life swimming and playing around the rivers. He was lucky enough to learn to kayak from his father at a young age. Jair says, “I love kayaking because for me it is a great way to distract my mind and feel free doing what I like the most. Kayaking has taught me to be responsible, respectful, and cautious since the river is always stronger, but I am always happy to flow in its water. Thanks to this sport I have made great friends that I consider part of my own family.” I asked Jair why he likes to guide kayaking and he said, “It’s simple. I love to see the people I paddle with happy and much more, I love to teach them about the paradise in which we live. For me there is always something new to show. Even though I am a young guide every day I learn more and I strive so that each person who comes kayaking in Ecuador is left with the best possible memory of their days paddling in Ecuador!”

What year did you start kayaking?  2015

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Be sure to honestly evaluate your kayaking skills before choosing which SWA trip to join. That way you can really make the most of your time in Ecuador. And, don’t forget to put your drink of choice in the cooler so you can be sure to be happy at the take-out!

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