Jair RoblesGuide

Jair Robles was born and raised in Tena. He joined the SWA guide team in 2019 and brings a great youthful energy to our program. Jair has spent his life swimming and playing around the rivers. He was lucky enough to learn to kayak from his father at a young age. Jair says, “I love kayaking because for me it is a great way to distract my mind and feel free doing what I like the most. Kayaking has taught me to be responsible, respectful and cautious since the river is always stronger, but I am always happy to flow in its water. Thanks to this sport I have made great friends that I consider with my own family.” I asked Jair why he likes to guide kayaking and he said, “It’s simple I love to see the people I paddle with happy and much more to teach them the Paradise in which we live. For me there is always something new to show and live, even though I am a young guide every day I learn more and I strive so that each person who comes takes the best possible memory of their days paddling in Ecuador!”

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