Franca Morillo BurgosHead Chef

: Borja, Ecuador

Franca is SWA’s head chef and she understands how important good, healthy food is on a kayaking adventure. She came to Ecuador (from Colombia) when she was 15 years old to work in a restaurant in Tena.  She worked there for 5 years and then quit to raise 4 children and to run a grocery store in Borja. Now she works for SWA in the kitchen making delicious and healthy food for hungry kayakers.  What most people remember most about Franca, besides the awesome food she makes, is her infectious laugh. She is always joking in the kitchen, having a good time and laughing out loud. It’s worth learning a few jokes in Spanish just so you can make Franca smile!  Franca says, “I will continue to deliver the best of me so that your guests keep coming to Ecuador.  My wish is that your clients will be leaving with a beautiful memory of the kayaking in Ecuador and especially of Small World Adventures. I am very happy to be part of his great team.” If you want to sample some amazing homemade soups—quinoa, lentil, cream of tomato, just to name a few—try a coconut chicken dish, or bananas flambe, come to Ecuador with Small World Adventures.  You’ll also do some incredible kayaking on this culinary vacation in Ecuador! PS, Franca is used to preparing vegan food for Darcy and she can accommodate any dietary needs, just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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