Don BeveridgeOwner/Guide

: Wherever the rivers are flowing:

Don first started paddling in Ecuador in 1995.  After guiding for Small World Adventures for 17 seasons, he took some time off to join Darcy in paddling the Amazon from source to sea.  After paddling over 400 different rivers in 23 countries, he still hasn’t found any place quite as good as Ecuador.  He probably has guided more kayakers down the rivers of Ecuador than anyone else in the world, and definitely has had the most fun doing it!  He has an uncanny memory for rivers and rapids, and always knows the best line and play spots at all the different water levels.  Advanced instruction on creeking and playboating are his specialty, but his main focus is making sure everyone is having a good time.  After all, he coined the phrase “What’s wrong with just fun?”

What year did you start kayaking?  1985

How many countries have you paddled in? 23

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Make sure your roll is good before you come to Ecuador!  Hit those pool sessions and shake off the rust.  Nothing can make or break your paddling vacation like a solid, bomb-proof roll.

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