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Darcy Gaechter grew up skiing and adventuring in Aspen, Colorado.  In 1996, she became a river guide and has been guiding kayaking and rafting trips ever since.  She’s guided kayaking in numerous different countries and her passion for the sport has led her around the world seeking out new rivers and new adventures.  Of all the countries she has paddled in, Ecuador is hands down her favorite.  She’s spent countless hours on the rivers she loves in Ecuador, has notched a few first descents and even wrote The Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador.  In 2013, she became the first woman to kayak the Amazon River from source to sea and now her time is split almost equally between kayaking and trying to finish her book about the trip down the Amazon.

What year did you start kayaking?  1996

How many countries have you paddled in? 17

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Even if you can’t go kayaking before your trip to Ecuador, try to get in the best shape you can.  We have 7 full days of paddling planned for you and the biggest thing that usually holds people back is that they get too tired by the end of the week.  Start doing those push-ups now!

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