Byron LopezSenior Guide

: Tena, Ecuador

Byron is a Class V kayaker and an experienced kayak guide who was born and raised in Tena, Ecuador. Byron is a trip leader for SWA and an all-around awesome guy. His solid work ethic, combined with his easy-going nature and friendly smile make him easy to get along with. His energy and enthusiasm for the sport of kayaking are incredible, as is his desire to make sure that visitors have the time of their life while paddling in his country. When you go kayaking with Byron, he’ll not only show you the best lines, but he’ll also make sure you sample cacao from the banks of the river, and he’ll get you interacting with the local kids so you can learn a little bit about their way of life. When I asked Byron what kayaking means to him, he told me, “in the hardest days of my life the river was my refuge and saved my life. Now I live to paddle, and paddle for life.” The sport literally means everything to Byron and this is apparent in the ways he has dedicated himself to it. After spending a few days on the water with Byron, you too will easily be reminded of all the gifts the sport of kayaking imparts on us, and how lucky each of us are to be able to see the world from inside a little plastic boat. Good to have you on the team Bryon!

What year did you start kayaking?  2008

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Leave everything you know behind and come to Ecuador prepared for the adventure of a lifetime!

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