Bladimir CerdaGuide

: Tena, Ecuador

Bladimir was born and raised in Tena near the Jatunyacu River. He is Kichwa and brings great local insight to the team. He speaks Spanish, Kichwa, and English. When he was younger, he saw a group of kayakers paddling past his home one day and decided he wanted to learn this sport. He met a kayaker from Spain who taught him the basics of kayaking, and now he’s one of the best kayak and raft guides in Tena. Bladimir says, “I love kayaking because when I’m on the river, I’m the happiest person in the world!” He got into kayak guiding because he likes to share experiences with other kayakers and show people from all over the world the wonderful rivers in his backyard. Fun facts: His nickname is Blaster and he does adventure races.

What year did you start kayaking?  1999

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Come to Ecuador ready to get to know the marvelous rivers of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Also be ready to enjoy some of the Indigenous food that come from this region like Chontacuro. If you don’t know what that is, ask one of your guides, they can show you!

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