Andres CharpentierSenior Guide

: Tena, Ecuador

Andres Charpentier was born and raised in Quito, and is now a resident of Tena. Andres is a professional, dedicated kayaker and guide who speaks English and Spanish fluently. He says, “I got into kayaking after a couple of years of raft guiding. It was after one of the old-school guides said to a bunch of us, ‘a raft guide who can’t kayak is not a raft guide.’ I know it’s kind of stupid, but this got stuck in my head, and so I knew I had to learn how to kayak. Now, more than a decade later and after lots of swimming practice, I have become an accomplished kayaker. I am excited to be paddling and guiding with the SWA team, as this gives me a chance show new paddlers from around the world my home rivers. For me, kayaking is a fun and challenging way to travel, make new friends, overcome fears, and improve my problem-solving skills.” Andres, thanks for being part of our team! Your energy is boundless, your passion for kayaking is FULL and your eagerness to help people enjoy the rivers of Ecuador is world class.

What year did you start kayaking?  2008

Advice for people coming to Ecuador?  Start practicing your soccer skills now! That way you can enjoy a game against the local kids after paddling.

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