Adriana Nelly OrtizChef

Adriana is SWA’s head chef and she says, “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to continue sharing great food with your guests, and to be part of the Small World Adventures team. For me, it is a very nice experience to share with people from all over the world. During the off season, I miss all the guides and the guests-especially Andres-who always makes me and Franca laugh with his jokes.” Adriana was born in Colombia. When she was 17, she traveled alone to Ecuador to work with Franca Morillo in her grocery store. She worked with Franca for one year, then was a prep chef at Dona Cleo’s restaurant for 4 years. Adriana started in the SWA kitchen as a substitute for one of our old cooks and she was so good, we asked her to stay full time. Now, she has been cooking for Small World Adventures for 5 years. After a long day of kayaking, Adriana’s special chicken in mustard sauce with sweet plantains on the side tastes awesome! If you have a special diet, no problem! Adriana is used to preparing vegan meals for Darcy and she can accommodate any dietary needs. Come paddle with SWA and sample the incredible Ecuadorian food for yourself.

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