Still Raining a Ton in Ecuador Which Means Big Water Fun for Everyone!

Big Pilot Tom keeping it straight and with downstream momentum at Gringos Revueltos
For our 2nd Torrents trip (Class IV)—named after the bad ass Torrent ducks  that swim through whitewater better than they fly—we had an eclectic group that included: Polaka, Senor Liam, Smiley Megi, German T-Bone, Big Pilot Tom, and Stomper Dave. 

 Polaka showing his stuff on one of the Piatua’s many boofs
They had an awesome week that included both BIG boofs and even bigger waves.  

Liam, stoked after successfully paddled Chuchaqui’s humungous waves.  There is truly nothing like the feeling of styling a big water rapid
While the West-Virginia-ish crew was having epic high water on the Oyacachi, Don’s group was having a sweet day on the Lower Quijos.  It was a perfect high level that gave them 10-15 standing waves in Chuchaqui Rapid and allowed them to go bombing right down the middle of Gringos Revueltos (that’s scrambled white dudes to us English speakers). 

Don, and his exemplary boof form on Disco-Tech on the Piatua.  If you want to learn how to boof, Don is your man!
At high flows, the monstrous hole at the bottom of Gringos Revueltos goes away (well, mostly goes away as Megi found out).  It becomes a booming wave train and you just paddle your ass off through huge breaking waves and hope to come out upright at the bottom.  
T-Bone, rocking the high water line on “Eye of the Whale” on the Lower Cosanga.  He was just like a little watermelon seed getting squirted out of the pinch!

All and all, it was a super fun day and everyone got their big water groove on.

Greg enjoying some dry-land adventures sampling a scrumptious Empanada and washing it down with Ecuador’s signature beer–Pilisner
Besides big water fun, they also got to hit up some creeking on the Piatua, Cosanga and upper Quijos stretches.
Most people are a little uptight or nervous when the water gets really big, but not Megi!  That big smile never left her face for the entire 2 weeks she was here!  Not even dropping into the giant Gringos Revueltos could shake her
The rain continues to pound down on our metal roofs as I write this.  Looks like this week’s group is going to get to practice some big water too!

       Stomper Dave, showing how it’s done punching through colossal waves on the Quijos

Paddling, and spending time in Ecuador (on dry land too) is always an adventure.  So if you are in the mood for some good times and wonderful memories, come on down!

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