South Fork American River Fest

(just a couple of geeks in plaid sharing a purple boat)

Ok, trying to get back on the blogging program here…I’d better get warmed up since the Ecuador season is just around the corner and that means weekly blogging! We are coming off a great weekend at the American River Festival in Coloma, CA. It was a fun, local paddling event with a little something for everyone: slalom, SUP, rodeo and tons of beginner kayaking clinics.

(Typical scene from the Topo-Duo–Me getting splashed in the face and Don staying nice and dry in the back).

I’m still suffering from 2 dis-located ribs from my bike crash back in July! So, I am trying to take it easy and not paddle too much. Don’s brother–Bill–has this sweet Topo-Duo and we figured that was the perfect answer. Don could do all the paddling, and I could just take photos and look good in my plaid.

(Topo-Duo action baby)

I love this shot. Even though it’s hard to tell what is going on, it’s a pretty cool action shot. We are right in the middle of a hole on the Chili Bar section of the S. Fork American river. I like the fact you can’t see the boat at all, just a couple of floating heads.

Anyhow, next weekend we are off to the North Feather releases and festival. If anyone’s in CA, you can check it out here:

It sounds like a very cool event. I hope to see lots of you out there.

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