Small World Adventures. Kayaking Ecuador’s Best Class III

Our last trip of the 2008/2009 season was a group of paddlers who came to Ecuador to enjoy the country’s best Class III runs. We spent half the week in big water, half the week on low volume creeks, and found some fun distractions in between.

Near the small town of Cotundo, in the Napo Province, we founds some beautiful Macaws. Here a Scarlet Macaw and a Blue and Yellow Macaw enjoy each other’s company.

Rich O. from Massachusetts on the Upper Misahualli

This was one of the technical runs we did this week, and was one of the favorites amongst the group.
Dave from Alberta rips it up at Hatless Hole on the Jatunyacu River

Rich is trying out another sort of water craft. I think he really appreciated his Pyranha Seven-O after this experience!

Just another canoeist

Ben from West Virginia showing off both his kayaking skills and his fine wood craftsmanship (yeah, he made that paddle himself).

When not kayaking or making wooden paddles, Ben enjoy monkey whispering. This was a pretty brave move for Ben–playing with this monkey like that. Just 2 days before, in the town of Tena, his wife–Erica–was brutally attacked by a monkey. Ok, brutally attacked is a bit of an overstatement (but it sounds cool), but she did get caught in the crossfire of a kid teasing a monkey and ended up with a monkey bite on her calf. Don’t worry though, she healthy, happy, and recovering well from the “incident.” And, while this does make for a good story, it is not a “normal” part of our itineraries:)
Parting Shot

I think we always need reminders to stop and enjoy the small pleasures in life–like swimming!

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