Small World Adventures–Beach Surfing, Torrents, Mucha Agua–Feb. 7th Revisited

Thanks for sending in the photos everybody.
Below another visit to our Feb 7 Torrents/Mucha Agua combo and Beach finale.
Sorry it’s taken some time to post this stuff, we’ve had the pictures for a while, but have been busy adjusting to life back in the US again. (well, skiing). My legs are too sore for more turns now, so here’s some photos from life in the tropics.

Trees and boulder gardens on the Upper Mishualli

Matt boofing a falls on the U. Mis.

Some of the gang eddied out in “the cave”

Peter boofing “Bobsled”
The monkey that beat us to the take-out bar

Back at our lodge for the end of the week, the Quijos came up a bunch. We got to finish our week of rivers with a stout run from “Cheesehouse” section of the Quijos, all the way down to our lodge for one last take-out.

Kevin heading for the staging eddy in “Piggly Wiggly”

Charging downstream of Bridge 1

After a week of fun boating the rivers of Ecuador, some of the group had to head back to jobs and family in the US. A few lucky ones had more time to play, so we flew to the beach to get in some surfing
Beer in the hand, and toes in the sand. Between surf sessions that is.
Aaron on the break in front of our beach cabins

We rented a local fishing boat to take us out to a remote point break

Carvin’ and dodgin’


We had some good rides, and some good pummelings
(I think EJ dodged the bullet on this one)

Surf, sunset and sand.

What a great way to end a week of paddling, and to recharge for more North American winter!


“really, you can climb back into your boat out here!”

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