September 12th, 2007

After 2 months of NOT kayaking, then 2 days at Lachine, we decided we needed to rest our weary playboating muscles, so we headed to the waterfall section of the Rouge River. This run is in Quebec, but just north of the Ontario boarder. Here is a nice sunrise shot of our van close to the Rouge take out (sorry, we are obsessed with our minivan).

Although they call this the 7 Sisters run, there are really only 6 falls in the “waterfall” section (apparently the 1st falls is upstream in the rafting run). We had a flow of 34 CMS and found the drops to be pretty nice. Good potential for surfing in a few of the landings, particularly in the bottom of #5 (#5 out of the 6 sisters). We opted to walk this one, although it is apparently run sometimes. This was the perfect 1-van run as there is an excellent trail that portaging rafters use on river right all the way from the bottom falls to the put in, it took us about 10-15 to walk back upriver.

Again, the best sources for this run were the

This is the drop we didn’t like.
It resembled a low head dam too much for me to want to mess with it!
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