Reason #9 that we love Ecuador

Reason #9 we love Ecuador:
Memo and his awesome shuttling!
After spending an entire summer trying to figure out shuttle logistics of who is driving where, which vehicle can take how many boats and people, and how to happily deal with an 8-hour each way shuttle, we really, really came to appreciate having all that taken care of in Ecuador–Memo you rock!
So, whether you are ripping up a sweet surf wave on the Quijos River,

Or boofing your way down the Oyacachi, you’ll always be happy to find Memo and our Sprinter waiting for us at the take out.

So come join us this winter and let us take care of all your shuttling needs:)
(Oh, yeah, we also have the best kayakers’ lodge in the tropics, know the runs of Ecuador super well, and just know how to show you a good time in general).

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