Reason #8 that we love Ecuador

Reason #8: No bad bugs!

This is a friendly Ecuadorian bug

Believe it or not there are very few bothersome bugs where we kayak in Ecuador. My first trip to Ecuador, I came armed with bug nets, long pants and sleeves, DEET, and all the anti-bug measures one would expect to have to take when visiting the Amazonian rainforests of Ecuador. But, I was very pleased to find I could put all that away. Sure, we see tons of butterflies, beetles, and larger preying mantis-type bugs, but I think I’ve seen a total of 5 mosquitos in my 8 years in Ecuador. No see-ums are about the only thing you have to worry about on the rivers here, but those are easily avoidable. The Quijos Valley really is a paradise in many ways including no bad bugs to worry about!

Happy kayakers on the Quijos River NOT worrying about bugs

Unhappy Don on the Middle Kings trying to eat his soup before the mosquitos do

I can’t wait to get back to the lodge and to put away my bug net!

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