Help Us Save the Piatúa River

Calling all kayakers, river lovers, conservationists, environmentalists, and anyone who is tired of greed and corruption—the Piatúa River in Ecuador is in danger of being dammed. This situation epitomizes the global pattern of wealthy individuals choosing monetary gain and personal influence over the good of the people and the rights of nature (which, by the […]

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Kayaking Russia’s Altai Mountains

Don and I have been slackers on the blog since buying the business back. A combination of traveling, getting Small World Adventures back up and running, my Amazon Woman book, podcasts, and other projects have been focusing our attention in other directions. But this is the fall of catching up! I’ve missed a lot of […]

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Big News at Small World: Don and Darcy are Back!

Small World Adventures (SWA), the longest standing whitewater outfitter in Ecuador, is now under new management. Previous owners, guidebook authors and Ecuador whitewater veterans Don Beveridge and Darcy Gaechter, have bought back their company three years after leaving. Joining them as co-owner is former SWA guide and friend Liam Kirkham. The team Don first kayaked in […]

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A letter of gratitude to Small World Adventures. Love, Jondachi Fest

One week ago, the community of Tena, Ecuador, hosted the second annual Jondachi Fest, a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven celebration of the free-flowing Jondachi River. Anyone who’s paddled in Ecuador is well aware of the unique abundance of magical whitewater. (And if you haven’t yet made it to Ecuador to kayak, there’s no better time than right […]

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