Patch’s World Tour comes to Ecuador!

Commuting to the river, Ecuador style
December found us boating with Patch, Midge and Derek on one of our “Torrents” trips.  We name these trips after the rapid-loving Torrent ducks that frequent the same rivers we do.  They have an unfair advantage when in comes to boofing – the wing assist.  But we try to keep up with them as best we can.  It sure must be nice to be able to fly away if you decide you don’t like your line.
Patch enjoying the sunshine on the Oyacachi
Patch took a little extended time off work to get in some serious traveling and boating.  Last week he joined fellow Brit (and fellow extended vacationer) Midge, and Derek for a week of tropical kayaking. (Derek is American, and was the short timer on this trip – only one week of vacation!)
It’s been a good couple of months to be Patch.  He’s just about halfway through his “World Tour,” and getting in his share of great kayaking.  He just came from Nepal, and he stopped in at Small World Adventures and Ecuador on his way to Chile.  Ecuador should be on everyone’s list of “must go” countries.  Great paddling, warm weather, friendly people, jungles and monkeys oh my.  While the jury is still out, I’m pretty sure Patch is going to rate Ecuador up there near the top of his list of favorite kayaking destinations.  I know it’s on the very top of my list.
Midge heads downstream for another day of paddling

Midge also has some enviable vacation time.  In exchange for agreeing to check in with the home office via email, he gets to be in Ecuador for a whole month!  He’s been boating six days a week, and I think maybe even has looked forward to the occasional “office day” to rest up a bit after all the paddling he’s been doing.
Derek on the Oyacachi

Derek on the other hand was here enjoying a more typical vacation – one week.  But that still gave him time to get on five different rivers and seven different sections before heading back home.

Derek, last rapid of the Oyacachi

The three of them joined Darcy and myself for a week of fun and sun.  We had great weather, good water and good times.

As usual we spent part of the week at our lodge on the Quijos river, and part of the week on the rivers around Tena.

Darcy gets ready to uncork a Sweet boof

On the Piatua we ran in to the ultimate vacationer.  An American who came to Ecuador to study Spanish and stayed – for 22 years so far.  He and his wife have built a house up near the put in to the Piatua.  It’s an awesome location, but no wi-fi so Midge couldn’t stay there.  Also no refrigerator, so I guess I couldn’t stay there either.  (I have an arrangement with my work that I get to have a cold beer every day…)

Amongst the boulders on the Piatua

Even if cold beer does get to the Piatua, I still like coming back to our lodge.  The climate around our place is just a bit friendlier.  I like to go visit the heat, but it’s great to come back to our place and enjoy a cool evening on the porch.

Don heads towards a fern wall on the Jondachi

Christmas is just around the corner, and here I am talking about enjoying cool evenings and beers on the porch.  If you’re tired of the cold and snow, and want a taste of warm tropical boating, come on down.  Stay for a week, stay for a month, heck maybe stay for 22 years.  We’ll keep a beer in the fridge and a boof on the river for you.

The boys, wishing you were here
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