Well, it just wouldn’t be a good American vacation without a stop off at Washington D.C.

We visited the Smithsonian–which was wonderful except for the fact that we just happened to be there during elementary school field trip rush hour. But, even I am taller than most first graders, so I could look over their heads to see the dinosaurs.

Then we saw some good missiles in the Air and Space museum.

Even got a walk through one of the first space stations. We thought we were cramped in the minivan…

Then we endured much honking and bird flipping in order to get this lovely shot of our van in front of the Washington Monument–but it was worth it!

After a day of sightseeing in the city, we headed to the Great Falls of the Potomac River. As you can see, they were slightly less great on this day due to the UBER LOW water, and the drought that the east is experiencing right now.

The route finding was much easier without all that water. We pretty much had one choice–so we went with it.

Yeah for the Maryland Line.

It’s still a darn pretty place.

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