Our next stop was the Ottawa River. We had a low flow of –2.5, but still managed to wear ourselves out after 7 hours of playboating at Baby Face in McKoy’s Rapid, and then Garborater and Push Button in Lorne Rapid. The Ottawa is a huge and warm river with amazing play features. Even at levels that most people consider bad or too low, we found plenty to keep ourselves entertained.

We spent the morning at Mckoy’s rapid

and found nice surfing and some good entertainment there.

The rafters had some fun too. I guess flipping your raft isn’t such a bad thing when the water is super warm and you have a 2-mile long pool to collect gear and people in!

We then spent the afternoon at Garborater and Push Button. Garborater was a bit flushy, but was still fun to play on!

At the take-out we were treated to a great storm in the farm country that surrounds the river.
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