Raquette River:

September 15th, 2007

After surfing on the Ottawa, we headed south to catch a release on the Raquette River. Those big, roomy creek boats were a treat after cramming ourselves into play boats the last few days. The Raquette River is quite a cool run right in the town of Colton, NY. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run all too often.

It is short, but steep with a handful of super fun rapids.

The first several shots are of the first big falls (some call it Colton Falls, and others call it Monumental Falls). Either way it was big and rocky, but there were quite a few fun lines through it. Don Beveridge is in the yellow boat styling the drop!

If you are ever in the area while the Raquette is releasing—go—it’s fun! is the best source for this one.

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