N. Feather River Fest

(Bill Beveridge in the last rapid of the Tobin Run on the N. Feather)

A big thanks to American Whitewater for all their hard work securing river releases throughout the country, like this one on the North Feather. This past weekend there were releases on the Rock Creek, Tobin, and Lobin sections of the North Fork Feather River in California.

Don shot a little bit of head-cam footage of the Tobin run for you all to check out:

There was a huge turn out for the North Fork Feather Festival, and it was an awesome weekend! Thanks to the Chico Paddleheads for putting it on.
Besides a slalom for all level of paddlers, a great raffle, band, and rowdy party, there were also some down river races through the Tobin Section. Here’s race results:

(dedicated partiers who finally gave in to sleep along the side of the highway–those are burrs they are sleeping in)
Tobin Race (Long Boat)

1. Taylor Robertson 13:31
2. Charlie Center 13:37
3. Macy Burnham 13:56
4. Scott Ligare 14:07
5. Rush Sturges 14:12
6. Justin Patt 14:457. Robbie Hogg 15:03
8. James McLeod 15:33
9. Zak Quick 15:55
10. Katie Scott 16:45
11. Thomas Moore 17:08
12. Taylor Cavin 39:11
13. Tyler Jose DNF

Tobin Race (Short Boat)

1. Chris Korbulic 14:46
2. Ben Stookesbury 14:49
3. Culley Thomas 15:22
4. Galen Licht 15:24
5. Dave Maurier 15:26
5. Devon Knight 15:26
7. Clancy Thost 15:27
8. Eric Petlock 15:389. Peter Malkin 15:43
10. Stephan Rindshew 15:44
10. Shawn Corbett 15:44
12. Diane Gaydos 15:45
13. Danny Salazar 15:55
14. Kurt Sable 15:58
15. Garett Brown 16:00
16. Darin McQuoid 16:0117. Jean Malec 16:19
18. Sam Solomon 16:27
19. Mike Bell 16:28
20. Luke Liebsch 16:29
21. Shon Bollock 16:40
22. Ryan Knight 16:43
22. Morgan Koons 16:43
24. Alex Wolfgram 16:4725. J.C. Goldrup 17:04
26. Serge 18:23

Sunday Hangover Cup (Mass Start to green Bridge Race, 15 competitors top 3 posted).

Long Boats:
1. Taylor Robertson2. Rush Sturges
3. Macy Burnham

Short Boats:
1. Robby Hogg
2. Chris Harges3. Galen Licht Reply With Quote

(ah, more dedicated Feather Festival goers. These boys had their car broken into somewhere along their journey to get to the festival. But did that stop them? No! They persevered and prevailed! I’m not sure exactly what relevance the boobies have, but nonetheless, way to go boys!)
I’ll be blogging soon about the winners of both the Werner Paddle and Jackson Kayak. The paddle has been claimed by the September 15th winner; but the Jackson Kayak winner has not yet responded. I’ve emailed the winner of the drawing this morning for the Jackson Kayak so check your inboxes!
The winner has 14 days to respond before we draw again.
Now, the only prize left in the drawing is a week-long kayaking vacation in Ecuador with Small World Adventures, if you haven’t already, get your entries in! Winner will be drawn October 20th.

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