Mucha Agua Ecuador New Years

Southeastern boaters go WAY South for New Years….

Here in Ecuador, Small World celebrated New Years with three great different trips. Our final group was comprised of a bunch of buddies from the SE USA, with a Canadian and a Englishman thrown in for international flavor. My brother Bill even made his yearly celebrity guiding appearance to help us out over the holidays. It was a great group of paddlers, and I’d be hard pressed to say if we had more fun on or off the river. Between boofing and beer drinking, we all had a great time. Thanks to Matt, Jeff, Nate, Matt, Nigel, and Shayne for helping us bring in the new year right! Just watch out for Ecuadorians throwing fireworks! And hats off to Nigel for showing us the stuff that enabled England to conquer the world!

I won’t say who’s feet these are, but fireworks and soccer don’t mix!

The whole town came out to party with us!

New Years shots. The names (well, faces) were changed to protect the innocent.

Here’s Jeff, still smiling after the muddy Upper Jondachi put-in walk. I guess he knows how many great rapids are waiting downstream (more than 86 in 10k!). Non-stop pool drop! You know it’s not an oxymoron if you’ve done the Jondachi…

Bill threading the needle on rapid #11 on the Jondachi. We normally lose count after this.

The “Boogie Water” between rapids on the Jondachi.

Me. I would say I’m drawing my way off the rocks on the right, Matt would say bracing…

We also got on the Upper Misahualli, and at pretty smoking high water. This is normally a crystal clear, low volume, technical creek. This day it had some push!

Shayne getting ready to boof over a hole.

Parting Shot

Ok, sorry, it should have been a bottle of Pilsener, but this parrot enjoyed our lunch almost as much as we did.

Thanks to Jeff and Matt W. who sent photos, sorry there weren’t more, but my camera died and if I didn’t include a picture it was because it’s hard to recieve photos via super slow Amazon Basin internet connections!

Happy New Year!

Want to keep that New Years resolution to boat more? Come on down! We still have room on trips through March 1st.

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