So, we are just getting back into the grove of the weekly blogging thing, but we are still a little discombobulated right now.

Let’s just rewind for a minute back to week #1 for us.
Here are few more photos we dug up off everyone’s cameras.


Darcy G. enveloped in a curtain of water on the last rapid on the Papallacta. This is just above the confluence with the Quijos River.

More shots from the Papallacta. This run looks about like this for 7 miles. Bring a Clif Bar and some well rested muscles!

Larry here styling the right line at Chibolo on the Cosanga River.
Here he is again boofing his way down one of the countless boofs on the Cosanga.

Darcy at the entrace to Chibolo.

Besides being full of great boofs and great rapids, the Cosanga river has some great scenery as well. Waterfalls line the vertical canyon walls for most the length of the run.

The crew from CKS enjoying some jungle scenery. Lily, our head chef, goes all out during the American Thanksgiving. We had tons of great food, and I think the two Brits even began to appreciate this holiday.

It’s a high pressure job with everyone watching, but someone had to do it.
A somewhat typical scene from the lodge. How could you possibly resist, paddling epic whitewater all day long, then coming home to this each night? Did we mention there’s always cold beer in the fridge?
This is Larry’s crew from the first week. Erica here is navagating a rapid on the Upper Cosanga.

The team on the Upper Mis. They’ve drawn a crowd up on the bridge.
Jamie rips it up in the clear waters of the Napo Valley.

Larry snuck away from the bar one night in Tena long enough to enjoy some of the festivals of Tena.

Stay tuned for the full report from last week’s “CKS trip” and this week’s trip as well.

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