Meet Guy! He’s Small World Adventures’ New Owner and Guide

Guy Erb–new SWA owner extraordinaire
We are excited to introduce Guy Erb as the new owner of Small World Adventures. Guy has been messing about in boats for over thirty years and comes to us with a wealth of whitewater experience. Guy grew up on the plains of Montana playing Huck Finn on the mighty Missouri river. Switching to hard shell kayaks in the early eighties he honed his whitewater skills on the many rapids to be found below the Great Falls of the Missouri and in the many creeks coming down from the surrounding plains. During college Guy was a raft guide on the Gallatin and Madison rivers and pursued kayaking through the area scoring early runs through the Grand and Black canyons of the Yellowstone as well as the Box Canyon of the Clarks Fork Yellowstone. Despite all this fun (and what is wrong with just fun?), Guy eventually got a degree in Computer Science from Montana State in Bozeman, got a real job, but still managed to pursue his passion for boating throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Guy getting back into boating after a bit of a hiatus with a nice “warm up” on the South Yuba River in California.  There is no easing in with this boy–Purdon’s all the way down to Bridgeport!

Guy has always found his greatest joy in sharing these river experiences with others. Over the years he has introduced many people to the joy of kayaking and helped them develop their skills and advance their game on the river. He is looking forward to continuing that tradition of sharing here in Ecuador where we have so many incredible rivers to experience.

Ah, the good ol’ days on Kootenai Falls

Fast forward to today and Guy has come full circle. After last working as a software engineer for Apple Inc. and enjoying the rivers of California, he is now happy to be leaving the computer screen behind and joining us here in Ecuador as the new owner/intern. Small World will continue to offer the same great trips and the same insanely great guides and staff with Guy as the newest member of the team.

 Box Canyon Clark’s Fork.  I can’t believe that boat fit in between those tight canyon walls!

Guy has triplet sons, all twelve years old, far from identical and all aspiring kayakers. Don’t be surprised if you see them on the rivers of Ecuador in the coming years. Guy also wanted to let you know that his middle initial is ‘C’ and is short for Conan (as in Barbarian) and that in his spare time he enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Cross Training in Bali

As for Small World’s old owners–Larry, Don, and Darcy–we are stoked!  We are excited to see new blood and a fresh perspective come into the company.  Guy’s passion for kayaking and his contagious enthusiasm about his new life in Ecuador are awesome and we know you’ll love boating with him!  For now, it will be “business as usual” with the 3 of us continuing to manage daily operations while Guy gets all trained up!

Getting to know his new back yard.  Here’s Guy boofing his way down the Piatua in Ecuador
Here are a few more thoughts from Larry, Darcy and Don on the sale:
Part of my personal mission statement for SWA was to someday pass it on to someone looking for the lifestyle that I have found so rewarding for my past twenty eight years of guiding.  Last season and this January, I had the opportunity to kayak and travel in Ecuador with Guy and found his enthusiasm and priorities refreshing and his commitment to quality to be in line with what we have always striven for.  I think he not only will find what he is searching for but will also be a great asset to SWA and our guests.  One other part of my mission statement is to stay guiding and paddling these rivers that I love more than any others for a long time and I am thrilled that Guy wants me here into the future.  – Larry
Larry and Small World Adventures have given me an incredible opportunity over the last 10 years and I’m very excited to continue on with Guy.  Through SWA, I’ve found a lifestyle that fits me perfectly.  The lodge is an amazing place to live, the community in Borja is warm and friendly, and the kayaking is unparalleled!  As many of my friends like to say, I’m “living the dream” and I hope to continue for a long time to come.  -Darcy  
I’ve shared Larry’s goal of making Small World Adventures a quality company, a great way of life, and something we can be proud to pass on to someone else…but I don’t want to leave yet!  Guiding trips in Ecuador is still my passion and I’m thrilled to welcome Guy to the family and to keep on working with him and SWA into the future.  Come join us and see what a great thing we’ve got going in Ecuador.  -Don
So, come see us next season in Ecuador.  You can still paddle with the “old-timers” Larry, Don and Darcy, but you can also meet Guy!
We love Ecuador and we love the lifestyle – “What’s wrong with just fun?”
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