Oh Canada!

After spending the last two years in graduate school in British Columbia, I knew that I loved western Canada, and over the past week, eastern Canada has proved to have its share of great kayaking as well.

Small World Adventure’s of the east officially began last Tuesday morning when we launched our kayaks into the Saint Lawrence Seaway and began ferrying over to the great surf waves in the Lachine Rapids. Last Saturday, we were in Ludlow, Vermont for a friend’s wedding. After that, we spent 2 extra days in Maple Syrup country picking up kayaks, and wading through massive amounts of information on the internet about east coast boating. We flew into Boston on Friday night, and by Monday afternoon, we had a sweet Toyota minivan (which we are very fond of), 2 Nomads, 2 Projects and a plan—that night, we started driving for Montreal. Check out and for more info on their great kayaks. Both companies are sporting some of the best play and creek boats on the market right now, and we are lucky enough to be paddling them throughout our tour this fall.

Without much trouble (but a little bit of fretting after all the bad stories we had heard) we found the parking lot for the Lachine Rapids, scouted out our line towards the surf waves and hit the river.

Although locals told us the river was a bit low, and the wave a bit flushy, we found it to be outstanding. It was, at times, a bit tough to stay on, but overall it ranks in the top 5 waves we have surfed! The only problem with surfing at Lachine is that is really is a pain the…to attain back up. But, a few days of kayaking in this spot, and you’ll be on your way to being in great shape. Sorry the photos suck so much, but the surf wave is a LONG way from the little outcropping of rocks where the photographer had to stand, and there is only so much you can do with a point and shoot.

The best resources we found for all our boating in Quebec were
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