Kayaks in Ecuador!

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Small World Adventures has the largest kayak selection in South America!

We know that a good boat is important when you are kayaking in Ecuador, so we work hard to keep a large fleet of modern whitewater kayaks in Ecuador. We have over sixty kayaks–the largest selection in the country; probably the largest selection of whitewater kayaks in South America. We’ve got a huge variety of creek boats and river runners, and even a few play boats as well. We are constantly updating our fleet of kayaks in Ecuador so let us know what your would like to see. Note: a * next to the kayak means it has at least 1 repaired crack. Any boats in bold text are from 2018 or newer. Note #2: If you are following our lines and boating responsibly and you break a boat, we won’t charge you. We understand that stuff happens. But if you are not following our lines, doing blind boofs, and purposefully hitting rocks which results in a broken boat, we will charge you replacement value. Kayaks are very hard to get to Ecuador and we want to try to make them last as long as possible. 

Make Model Year
Jackson Antix 2.0 MD 2021
Jackson Antix 2.0 LG 2022
Jackson Antix 1.0 LG* 2019
Jackson Gnarvana SM 2022
Jackson Gnarvana MD 2022
Jackson Gnarvana LG 2023
Jackson Zen SM 2018
Jackson Nirvana MD 2018
Jackson Nirvana MD 2019
Jackson Nirvana LG 2019
Jackson Super Star 2011
Jackson Super Star older
Jackson Karma Sm 2014
Jackson Karma Md* 2015
Jackson Karma Lg 2016
Jackson Villian* 2012
Dagger Code MD 2022
Dagger Code LG 2022
Dagger Phantom 2020
Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 2015
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1 2017
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1* 2015
Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.6* 2016
Dagger Newmad Sm 2017
Dagger Nomad 8.1* 2009
Dagger Nomad 8.1* 2013
Pyranha Scorch MD 2022
Pyranha 9RII MD 2022
Pyranha 9RII MD 2021
Pyranha 9R 2020
Pyranha Machno Sm 2018
Pyranha Machno Md* 2018
Pyranha Machno LG 2019
Pyranha Burn Sm 2013 G2
Pyranha Burn Md 2012 G2
Pyranha Burn Md 2012 G2
Pyranha Burn Lg 2014 G3
Pyranha Burn Lg 2011 G2
Pyranha Burn Lg 2013 G2
Pyranha Shiva Md 2012
Waka Billy Goat 2021
Waka OG 2022
Waka OG 2021
Waka OG 2020
Wake OG* 2019
Waka Tuna 2.0* 2018
Waka Steeze* 2019
Waka GOAT 2021
Liquid Logic Party Braap 2017
Liquid Logic Remix 59 2011
Liquid Logic Remix 69 2015
Wave Sport EZG 50 2005
Wave Sport Fuse 56 2008
Wave Sport Habitat 74 2011
Wave Sport Habitat 74 2012
Prijon Curve Creeker 3.5 2018
Zet Veloc 2013