Well, if I may say so myself, Small World Adventures rocks! Despite a few days of heavy rain and a road-blocking landslide, we managed to paddle 7 out of 7 days with our Christmas crew.

Which also means that Cindy, Stacey, Kim, Bobby, Tim, Wendy, Coy and Dan kick ass too! Thanks everyone for a great week.

While other kayakers resorted to dry land cross training, we found epic surf wave after epic surf wave, and managed to find a few creeks that still had a creeky feel to them. Small World’s knowledge, gained from 15 years of experience guiding in Ecuador, really pays off at times like these.

But all this great surfing and boating came at a bit of a price–mainly in the form of mud…

But hey, who doesn’t love playing in the mud every now and again?

See, Dan is still smiling. The mud is good for your pores…

And, alas, the sun did come out! We had many glorious afternoons basking in the sun, while boating amazing whitewater both in the Quijos and Napo valleys.

Bobby, Coy, and Dan waiting patiently to head out to the Jatunyacu.

And, their patience paid off–this is one of a few surf spots WITH eddies we found this day. Dan is ripping it up in his stylish black AllStar. I love this photo with the water flying off the bottom of this boat. Nice move Dan.

Bill Beveridge–Superstar!

Bobby and the Asses–sorry Bobby, I just couldn’t resist. Wendy at the put in for the Lower Quijos.Kim and Cindy on the Bom Bon bridge getting ready to face Gringos Revueltos. Ah, the notorious Gringos Revueltos. There have been some changes in this rapid, and it’s darn tricky these days. But, there is a very nice and large pool downstream…
Kim enjoying the scenery after the rapids on the Lower Quijos.
Stacey surfing in “Don’s hole” on the Lower Q.

Yep, and even on sunny days, there can be mud.

Luckily they are more diligent with their mud plows in Ecuador than we are with our snow plows in the US, and we were mobile again in no time.Coy is boofing his way down the Upper Mishualli. If you want info about good bars in Tena, just ask this guy (sorry Coy, I had to say it or Dan would have been very dissapointed in me).

Bobby styling another drop on the Upper Mis.Cindy and Stacey stayed for 2 extra days of kayaking before heading out to the beach. As their reward, Don and Bill gave them more mud!

Stacey scouting “Aphrodesia” on the Upper Jondachi.

Bill Beveridge and Don Beveridge on the Upper J.

Thanks everyone for giving us an excellent week of paddling for Christmas. Extra thanks to Dan, Cindy and Stacey for giving me all their photos for this blog! Thanks for picking up my slack in the photo deparment. They turned out great!

I hope you are all skiing some powder for us now!

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