The Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador

SWA Guides Wrote the Guidebook for Kayaking in Ecuador!

The 3rd edition of The Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador includes twenty-one new runs and two entirely new sections!  There are a total of seventy-seven runs (not including many “extra credit” rivers) covering five distinct paddling regions in Ecuador. The guide includes updated logistical information covering Quito’s new airport, new river access points, cell and internet coverage, and information on hydroelectric development in Ecuador. We have also built a new blog where keeping current will be easy

On the blog, updates to existing write ups (information about logs, flow, access, etc…) and additions of new rivers, new access points, or new sections will be easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

You can order a copy of the book from Small World Adventures on our sign up page for $20. Shipping is free within the USA! NOTE: Shipping to Canada, Europe and other parts of the world is $15 and up.  Please contact us first if you need your book shipped outside of the USA . If you are ordering from Europe then checkout our friends from AS Watersport in the UK.  Or just pick up a copy while you are boating with us in Ecuador! Or order The Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador from

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Kayaker’s Guide to Ecuador