Kayak South America–Papallacta River, Ecuador

Well, all the Small World Adventures guides are back in the US now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still think about Ecuador all the time.
Don and I were just reflecting on the Papallacta River last night, so I thought I’d throw up some photos from this season.
The Papallacta River has historically changed often and dramatically (usually more so than many of the other rivers in Ecuador due to it being made up more of small rocks, and having insanely steep walls on both sides that are extra prone to landslides), and this season was no different. A few big land slides and creek blow outs changed the river towards the end of this season. But, almost all of the changes really were for the better. After we finished our regular season, we had a few great runs down the Papallacta to send ourselves home in style.

Enjoy the photos below, and start getting ready for kayaking…run off seems to be just around the corner!

Don finishing the last rapid on the Papallacta. He is about to boof into the Quijos River and the start of the Cheesehouse section.Darcy entering the last rapid above the confluenceChris riding a steep ramp of water through one of the rapids in the “inner canyon” of the Papallacta River. The run is 7 miles from the regular put in down to the confluence with the Quijos. It’s pretty action packed for the entire run, but the first few miles (aka “getting buzy south”) and the first canyon (aka “inner canyon”) are the most continuous and intense of the run.

Darcy in the slot.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of skiing and is getting psyched up for spring run off. We hope to see you out there on the rivers!

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