Jan. 9th–2 extremes, Mucha Agua and 1st timer beginner trip

January 9th was a week of extremes for us. We had Marty of Jackson Kayaks, Noah of Reno, NV and James of Nairobi, Kenya on a Mucha Agua trip. Then, on the other end of the spectrum we had Casey of New York City, and Leah and Bobby of Louisville, KY on a never, ever beginner kayaking trip–these little bad asses came to Ecuador to learn how to kayak!

Here’s Marty boofing Toro Loco on the Piatua River.

The group dynamic worked out really well. It was good for the beginner kayakers to get a taste of what long-time kayakers acted and talked like (and believe it or not, I don’t think the Mucha Agua boys scared off the other crew. They were very well behaved, hardly ever said “dude” and all and all were great ambassadors for the sport of kayaking). The Mucha Agua guys were all super impressed that people would be adventuresome enough to come down to Ecuador to learn how to kayak. So, in the end, both groups learned from each other and shared mutual respect for what the others were doing.

Here are Leah, Casey, and Larry on the Anzu River–the groups’ first ever river run.
Here’s James getting his boof on. Upper Jondachi.
Here are Leah, Bobby, and Casey swimming their first whitewater. Hey, if you are going to take a kayaking class and your instructors are going to make you swim, you might as well be in Ecuador where the water and air are so warm!

Noah, Upper Jondachi. Noah is about to go back for his PHD in Hydrology, so this trip was meant to get him in the right mind set–thinking about water.

In addition to their kayaking classes, the beginner crew took some time to enjoy the sights of Ecuador. Here, their guide Jamie shows them some local produce. This outing to the market was going so well until they came upon the grubs…yep, someone ate one, and it wasn’t pretty!

Marty boofing P-cubed on the Cheesehouse section of the Quijos River.

You are never safe from stalking Tapirs. Tapirs don’t generally attack people (being the friendly vegetarians that they are), but there was one documented case in a zoo in Oklahoma City, so Bobby was careful not to make any sudden movements that might annoy this guy! In the end, it was a friendly encounter of mutual curiosity.

Noah, Jondachi

James, Aphrodesia

Jamie, Casey, Leah, Bobby celebrating another successful river run down the Upper Napo River.

Don, sussing out the low water lines. For those of you who have paddled the Upper Jondachi, this is “Sideways Boof.” These days it’s “holy crap narrow slot,” but still super fun!

Our little Coati friend searching for bugs to eat.

Ecuador is a great country. Where else in the world could you score 22 ounce Pilsiners AND Red Bull all in the same little shack at a town that is called “Kilometer 28.” I think all of 15 people live in this town, but they’ve got beer and Red Bull baby!
James is stoked.
Parting Shot:

Some photos are beyond words

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