After the realeases on the Beaver, we decided that we hadn’t quite had enough of Lachine and needed to go back to French Canadian land. But, before heading back north we needed a day of catching up on the internet, doing laundry, renting a storage unit for our extra minivan seats–basically, we needed to bring a tiny bit of organization back to our lives. So, we headed to Watertown, NY, mainly because it was on the way to Montreal, but also because we could get in at least a short surf session after doing all our errands.

We hooked up with Tom, a local paddler, who showed us how it was done. We didn’t quite catch on, but still had fun flopping around in the Black River.
After a couple hours here, we packed up and headed for the border. We were scheduled to be at the Upper Yough and then Gauley fest. by September 21st, but that still gave us a solid 2.5 days to work on those big wave moves at Lachine (the nice thing for us is that we still have TONS of room for improvement, but those Projects helped our cause–those things like to bounce)!

After camping in some sketchy places on our first visit to Monreal, this time we decided to splurg on a hotel room. We went to the “other side of the river” as that is where the cheaper hotels were rumored to be, and noticed a couple interesting trends:
First, the hotels were NOT cheap! $90 hurts a lot, especially since we decided to make this expenditure on the very day that the Canadian dollar was making its final climb towards our own faltering US currency. Luckily, parity was not achieved until the day after our hotel spending, but nonetheless, the days of a 60% exchange are long gone. Way to go Canada!
Second, I always thought the French Canadians were fine upstanding people, and they probably still are, I’m just confused about what the hell a “sieste” is. In every hotel we saw, they had advertised on the big street side bill boards siestes for anywhere between $25 and $40. For this price, you get 3 hours in the hotel. Now, really, who is going to pay that much money for a 3 hour nap?

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