Feb. 12 – 27

This wasn’t on the actual trip but I am still trying to figure out what a Vegan like Darcy is trying to do to this chicken.

It looks like it is going to be a long week. Remember SWA’s one rule on the river, “One swimmer at a time”.

The last weeks of February were incredible, we had guests from Austria and Holland besides from the USA, some of them stayed for two weeks. The last week was our Intro to Creeking trip and we got some serious creek time on the upper Quijos, Oyacachi, upper and lower Cosanga, Upper Misahualli and Piatua. Looking at these photos makes me excited for next October to come around so I can head back south.

Eat, Sleep, Boat” was once our motto at SWA and we still try to live the simple life.

I love those Euro paddlers, focused and stylish. Yvette driving her boat on the Oyacachi.

Hans enjoying a real river, the Cosanga, instead of a man-made one in Holland.

Christoph reviewing the action at lunch.

Jim on one of the hundreds of drops on the Piatua. We got to run it twice at two different levels.

KO spent two weeks in Ecuador and it paid off in her paddling, she took it to another level!

Mark with the GoPro on the Lower Cosanga.

Al driving on the Rio Piatua.

Joerg looking glad he has enough beers to wash this all down.

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