Farewell to Canada…

Sunny skies and clear water on the Ashlu – in BC in September!
We finally had to call it quits on our trip to BC, and couldn’t resist posting some more cool photos from the Ashlu River. With the stable weather and dam releases, you could boat the Mine section almost every day, and the Box every weekend. The Tatlow even stayed in for over three weeks!

Sam leads to the right at Last Tango

We ran into Sam again (he was on our Revelstoke trip). The Ashlu valley was literally swarming with kayakers (well, two to three groups a day!)

Dave finishing the mini-mine warm up

We met groups from England, Germany, the US, New Zealand (and Canada) every day we were up the Ashlu.

Beautiful moss and tight canyon – dropping into the Ashlu “Box”

More moss. BC roadside camping

Saying adios to BC and the Ashlu River just means that our season in Ecuador is right around the corner. Now we’re off to Colorado to get packed up for another great season boating in Ecuador. Come down and see us!
If you haven’t entered our summer giveaway yet, it’s not too late. Just got to and click the “enter here” button.
We still have two GREAT prizes left, a Jackson Villain and a week of boating with SWA in Ecuador! The kayak gets awarded October 1 and the trip to Ecuador at the end of October.
Look for more blogs to come psyching up for the 2011/2012 Ecuador boating season.
Vaya con rios!

I still don’t know why they call this drop “50/50”
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