Ecuador Article in Kayak Session

Would you like to read more about kayaking in Ecuador and the incredible amount of paddling in just one province? Darcy wrote an article about it in Kayak Session that came out in May, issue #38. If you have not seen it and want to you can order it at

Darcy has detailed out what has made Ecuador a top international paddling destination; the huge amount of quality whitewater so close together on the eastern flanks of the Andes. I have been kayaking in Ecuador for 19 consecutive seasons and even I learned a lot from this article and got excited to head back down. The province of Napo must have more miles of kayaking than almost any other similar size state or province in the world. If you don’t believe it check out the statistics in the article and you will be convinced. Better yet, if you want to sample the best of this whitewater book a trip this November with SWA.

There are some great photos taken by Chris Emerick in the article as well. Although Chris is better know as a action video film maker he shoots lots of still photos as well and he spent a week last February in Ecuador with SWA shooting. You can see more of his photography at

Darcy ready for Ecuador
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