(Poor Eric, he has just been beat at his own game by Dave the RMCP from Vancouver).

This crew taught us a wonderful new game called ¨Do you Play Beer for Life.¨ The rules are far too complicated to explain on a blog, but just ask them about it sometime–it involves drinking beer.

Besides drinking, the crew (Ryan, Frank, Eric, Martha, Paul, Dave and Tina) saw a lot of Ecuador and paddled lots of whitewater kilometers.

Happy hour, was of course a very important component of each day of kayaking, and by the end of the week, Ryan had us Small Worlders trained up to bring him beer TO THE TAKE-OUT. None of this waiting until we got back to the lodge crap.

Here is a photo of Ryan, the trip organizer
and beer demander, styling the bottom drop of Typhoid Falls on the Upper Jondachi.

But, they earned their beers. Over in Tena, they ran both the Lower and the Upper Jondachi, which served up plenty of boofs over perfectly rounded granite boulders. Combine this with lush jungle scenery, warm clear water, and good friends and you can’t go wrong.

Dave looking myserious on the Jondachi

Why´d ya have to splash Frank like that?
Well, sort of good friends, I don’t know why Eric had to go splashing Frank like this—I think you got water in his eyes!

After 2 good days in Tena, we headed back to the Quijos Valley with a quick stop at the town of Kilometer 28 for refreshments. Yes, you actually can buy Red Bull in this town. Unfortunately, too many kayakers found out and she was out this day…

We came back to Small World’s private riverside lodge for some of Lili’s outstanding cooking, and Larry’s BBQ special.

Rain or shine, Larry serves up some of the best meat on a stick in South America. Frank can attest to that.

The next day we paddled the Oyacachi River (a tributary to the Quijos River). 6 miles of non-stop creeking action left everyone smiling.

Paul, mastermind of, boofs on the Oyacachi. Check out his site for river flows, boat reviews, forums, trips and more. Keep up the good work Paul.

For our last day, we hit up the Bom Bon section of the Quijos for a surf session.

Larry and Tina came along in the Shredder, and ripped it up.
We all got some good surfs, and one last beer at the take-out before heading back to winter in the U.S. and Canada.

One last scenic shot, cuase let’s not forget, besides having great whitewater, Ecuador is kinda pretty too.

Thanks to the Feb. 10th crew for all the entertainment!

Yes, yes I do play beer for life.
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