Darcy kicks ass off the couch

Darcy’s version of rehab-winning the Gore Canyon race.
(Jessica Marsan photo)

It wasn’t the best of boating summers for Darcy. After having knee surgery on her blown ACL (skiing is dangerous), she spent a dry summer building leg muscles and avoiding arduous put-ins and portages. By the time August 16th came around, she had some pent up energy to release at the Gore Canyon race. Off the couch and out of the office, Darcy won the women’s division (again). While she’s still taking it easy on her recovering knee, Darcy’s back in the boat and making up for lost time. Don’t worry, when you come paddle with her in Ecuador, I’m sure she’ll wait up.

Thanks to Jessica Marsan for the race photo.

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  1. Bryan Owen October 16, 2008 at 7:47 pm #

    Hell yeah Darcy! That is awesome.

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