Colorado Group Storms Ecuador–Creates New Boating Group–DumBrownz

(Cathy about to un-cork a boof on the Piatua River)

Dec. 18th—the creation of the “DUMBROWNZ”

None of us knew it would happen or anticipated its creation. It just sort of came into being of natural forces, materializing of its own volition.

Much of the group creation’s credit is actually owed to Dan S. for throwing “the brown” while upside down in his kayak in the middle of a HUGE wave train. It was insane, nuts, unprecedented—way beyond cutting edge—we’d never seen anything like it, there were no words to describe it except that it was pure dumbrown.

(Dan–Dumbrownz–Simon in his element on the Upper Jondachi)

So then we got to talking about how we are all too old (most of us over 30 years of age) to really know or understand what the DemShitz movement was all about. So, we figured it we can’t join em, we’ll just make our own damn club! And thus, the Dumbrownz was created. The Dum is because we are too dumb to know what “DemShitz” means, and the Brownz is all about throwing “the brown” in sick situations like while you are upside down in a rapid (Disclaimer: the dumbrownz are all about safety so we only condone throwing the brown while upside down in BIG WATER rapids, not on shallow rivers).

(Cindy, crew leader, boofing her way down Lavadora on the Lower Cosanga)

And thus, DumBrownz was born. Meet the team: Dan, Cindy, Stacey, Susan, Steve, Brent, Cathy, Bill, Norwood, Don, Larry and Darcy.

(Susan running the Lower Cosanga, and anticipating a nice cold Piliner on the porch of SWA’s lodge at the take out)

Now, this is an exclusive club and not just anyone can join, so don’t go around all thinking you can be part of the DumBrownz without paying your dues. First, you must be 25 years of age or more. 2nd, you gotta be able to throw the brown while upside down. It’s cool to throw it while upright too, but the ability to do it while inverted is a must!

(Stacey concentrating on the approach to Tres Huevos Upper Jondachi)

It’s cool to watch just a regular group of paddlers come down to Ecuador, be transformed into The DumBrownz, and then watch them rock the rivers of Ecuador. Ecuador has never seen so much dumb and brown in one week together! The hit list included: Quijos, Cosanga, Piatua, Upper Jondachi, and the Oyacachi.

(Steve, 9-time Small World veteren, came back for more and showed his stuff on the rivers of Ecuador)

Cindy was on her comeback tour from her recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery. The mud-laden trails of Ecuador were no match for her new knee having been strengthened by hard core PT over the past 6 months. All was well, and I think Cindy can confidently say that she is BACK!

(Brent shredding a wave on the Rio Quijos)

Supporting her on this comeback tour was her posse from the Front Range. While all their friends were back in Denver languishing in cold temps, this crew was sporting shorty tops and paddling through amazing jungle scenery.

(Cindy posing in front a pretty little birdy getting ready for a playboating session on the Lower Quijos. Thanks Cindy for rallying your crew to come down and paddle with us!)

DumBrownz, I love you shitz! Can’t wait to throw some brown back in Colorado this summer. Keep it real—SWA.

(Bill, demonstrating the signature DumBrownz move)
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