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Antisana, headwaters of the Quijos

Big Water, Steep Creeks, Jungle, Mountains, and Rain–What More Does A Kayaker Need?

Darcy running the confluence rapid on the Papallacta River Since April 15th, Don and my travels have taken us over innumerable miles and down many amazing and memorable rivers throughout Colorado, California, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Norway, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria.  While we’ve had many wonderful experiences, one feeling continues to prevail—I miss Ecuador!  […]

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Kayaking in the Alps part Uno

  R Darcy dropping into to the 3rd drop of the 3 Stufes on the Medelser Rhein in Switzerland It has been very difficult to keep up with the blog here in the Alps. In these small villages we have been traveling through, the people are much more concerned with their stone architecture, their wine […]

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Canyon Creek, Washington

 Andy dropping into Terminator on Canyon Creek.  The thing looks super mean from this angle! Waaaaay back around the end of April, Don and I finally gave up on Colorado’s skiing.  We gave it our best though, suffering through 3.5 weeks of skiing slush in 70 degree weather, jumping over dirt patches, all the while […]

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