Canyon Creek, Washington

 Andy dropping into Terminator on Canyon Creek.  The thing looks super mean from this angle!

Waaaaay back around the end of April, Don and I finally gave up on Colorado’s skiing.  We gave it our best though, suffering through 3.5 weeks of skiing slush in 70 degree weather, jumping over dirt patches, all the while thinking “it’s really time to go boating.”

 There is a little added entertainment at the Terminator rapid.  Between watching your friends drop the rapid, you can watch strangers fling themselves off the bridge…crazy people!

So we finally packed up the truck and headed to the Pacific Northwest.  We were just in time for the Northwest Creeking Competition.  We got out to the festival, had a nice, quick run down the East Fork Lewis and then headed over to Canyon Creek to check out that gem of a run.

Don coming through the first big curler and getting ready to punch the hole at the bottom

We had run it the previous year at a somewhat ridiculous flow.  It think it was over 3,000 CFS, and while it really was an awesome day, the run didn’t have the characteristic boofs and creeky feel that we’d heard about.  It just felt like a big water flush all the way through the canyon.

Jenn digging deep to ensure she doesn’t get a hole ride

This year we got on a “good high” flow of about 1400 CFS.  We got our sweet boofs and defined moves and it was great.   Canyon Creek, while short, truly is an exceptional run for the Portlanders to have in their back yards.

 Andy dropping the falls.  There was a nice shoulder at this level that acted as the perfect launching pad for a sweet boof into the pool below

We were lucky enough to paddle with Jenn, Willie and Andy who had come down to Ecuador last winter.  Plus we met 3 new paddlers and all and all had a good crew.

 Willie dropping the falls.  Despite his quickly sinking Scud, he styled the run!
After Canyon Creek, we enjoyed the festivities at the NWCC and then woke up early the next morning to go paddle Opal Creek with more Ecuador alumni from the Portland area (blog on Opal coming soon)
Don and Jenn almost got the double boof timing right at Champagne and Hammering Spot

The party at NWCC was a rockin’ one and so as we were packing to leave at 7:30am the next day, there weren’t too many people stirring.  But the sun was shining through the thick Northwest forest and it was shaping up to be a beautiful day!

Nice morning light at the creeking comp
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 Beer wasters!  These people couldn’t even finish their fine Ninkasi beer, such a shame…

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Good Luck to everyone!

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