Brown Bagging it with Skookum Sails

 August 15th Giveaway, the goods just keep on coming!

(Darcy and Bill enjoying some beautiful scenery on Slab Creek in CA)
The Small World Adventures summer contest continues and we have more awesome prizes to give to you.
On the 15th, we’ll give away a Snap Dragon Spray Skirt, a Sweet Hoodie, a few copies of the film Wildwater and, debuting on the market this summer, a “Brown Bag” by Skookum Sails in Bellingham, WA.

 (Skookum Sail’s new “Brown Bag.”)

Yes, this bag is literally brown!  The bottom and sides are made of tough, brown vinyl material and the top is made of mesh to let your stinky gear air out.  The durable material will hold up to even the toughest gear-stuffers!  The bag is nice and big to accommodate all your kit.  A handy side pocket for small items like watches and wallets will help you keep your S$%T together while on the river.

 (Don stoked to have on his Snap Dragon skirt with implosion bar on Hood River’s back yard runs)

Whether you are running big waterfalls, or just getting into the sport, Snap Dragon makes a perfect skirt for you–especially perfect if you happen to be our winner next week:)   They offer a wide variety of skirts to fit the needs of all kayakers, from beginner to advanced.  And, nothing like slipping into a Sweet cotton Hoodie after a day on the river.  If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, I don’t know what will!  Then, grab yourself a beer and plop your butt on the couch to enjoy Forge Motion Picture’s film Wildwater.  This beautifully shot piece delves into the meaning of kayaking for some of the sport’s most passionate kayakers.

 (Don can even fit all his stuff into the Brown Bag, so you know it’s the real deal)

Our friends and Small World guides, Chris and Hilary started Skookum Sails in Bellingham a few years ago.  In addition to repairing sails, they’ve started making accessories for kayakers as well.  If you want something custom made, hit them up.  Those 2 are super handy with the sewing machine and can do just about anything you ask.

(Remember our motto, “what’s wrong with just fun.”  And gear!  Don’t forget to enter to win)

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